Family Fundraising

The Generous Host (the founder of Nurture the Dream Resource Events) assists families directly with hosting Corporate Sponsored Family Fundraising Events & Initiatives with a focus on adoption and special needs.   

Our Mission:

  • Nurture a child’s dream of having a permanent home
  • Nurture an adult’s dream of becoming a parent
  • Nurture a parent’s dream of seeing their child receive the specialized care they desperately need

For Children

logo banner plainQuin’s Room is a Children’s Party Space.  You’ll find Quin’s Room at our Community Resource and Family Fundraising Events. 

Nurture the Dream and Quin’s Room are both inspired by our personal (10 year) struggle with infertility, our journey through the adoption process, and our eventful family life since then, with our adorable son Quin.

How Does our Fundraising Work?

1. We meet with the individual/couple/family for a free no-obligation consultation with the purpose of learning more about the families needs/goals.  Families can get more information from us and ask questions.

2.  We partner with the individual/couple/family to plan and host their entire fundraising event from the smallest details to the most significant elements.

3. Our Event Planning Services Include: guest management (invitations, set-up/manage the event registration process,) choosing the theme, provide keynote speakers and/or entertainment, acquire the venue, and provide catering and decorating.

4. Families will receive and manage all of the financial contributions made to their cause directly.  While we will assist the family with setting up this process, Quin’s Room will not have access to the funds raised.

5.  Paying for the Event (venue, catering, decorations, invitations, etc.)  & Event Planning Services: The combination of Corporate Sponsors and funds raised will cover the costs.  The individual/couple/family will work with us to determine budget and fundraising goal/strategy to ensure all areas are covered. 

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Our Story

My husband Ian and I adopted Quin from birth almost 6 years ago.  He has brought so much joy into our lives. (Read More: Our Adoption Story, Quin’s Life Book.)

We were blessed to be able to raise the necessary funds in order to facilitate our Private Home Study ($3,000.)  Family and Children Services (FACS)  wait times were/are indefinite for this necessary step in the Adoption process.  This leaves children  without  permanent homes for far too long.  It is our passion to do something to help.

Another area of concern for families are the costs associated with Psychological Assessments ($3,000) , OT Therapists etc.)  This is something we have discovered recently with the needs of our son.  We are certain that other parents experience these kinds of challenges and we want to be a creative resource.

Launch PartyWe had a  launch party for Quin’s Room on Saturday, July 25th.  This was part of Quin’s 5th Birthday celebration.  Quin’s name means “5.” This year Quin turned “5.” In light of this we invited our guests to bring a $5.00 bill as a contribution to this small, yet meaningful new beginning. (See More…)