About Us

Welcome! Thanks for visiting.  My name is Renee Peers.  I am the Founder/Owner of an event planning company called The Generous Host.  I have been blessed to carry the vision of Nurture the Dream in my heart for over 30 years.  However, it’s only in the last 2 or 3 years that I’ve become aware of it.  Nurture the Dream is inspired by our personal (10 year) struggle with infertility, our journey through the adoption process, and our eventful family life since then, with our adorable son Quin.

Nurture the Dream makes it’s debut in Kitchener, Ontario as a Community Awareness Event & Children’s Party.  Our key areas of focus are Adoption, Pregnancy Loss, Infertility, Surrogacy & Special Needs.  From personal experience and the stories we’ve heard suggests that these five areas are directly linked for many families.  We hope to provide a place where individuals, couples, and families will feel informed and cared for.  We also want to make sure the kids have fun!

Our Values

Creativity, Belief, Compassion, Joy

Our Mission

  • Nurture a child’s dream of having a permanent home
  • Nurture an adult’s dream of becoming a parent
  • Nurture a parent’s dream of seeing their child receive the specialized care they desperately need

Our Story

The Generous Host has been through a lot of changes since we first began in March 2014.  We started out online with a heart to create and share the sacred things in life whether it be a decor idea, recipe, life story or handmade product.

In the Fall of 2014 we opened our first location in downtown Kitchener.  It was a place where you and your friends could celebrate a special occasion, spend the night crafting or enjoy a cute and yummy dessert in a jar. (Read New Establishment and Christmas Craft Party.)  With the needs of our family we decided to close our location in March 2015.  (Read Letting Go: A True Story,  Counting The Things That Count and  Making Room For Quin)

Since childhood adoption has had a special place in my heart. (Read  Our Adoption Story and Quin’s Locket)  Last July (2015) we launched Quin’s Room .  Quin’s Room is a Children’s Party Space that you’ll find at our Nurture the Dream Resource Events.  As well as our Family Fundraising  Banquets specific to adoption and special needs.

Read Our Stories;  Meet Our Team 

Nurture the Dream Pillow


All of the proceeds of this pillow will go to Nurture the Dream.  The Generous Host’s pillow covers are  uniquely designed and printed by hand using non-toxic acrylic paint.  Each one is washable and made locally with durable, light-weight Cotton Linen fabric with envelope style backings. Price: $35.00CAN